Monday, February 7, 2011

Cooking with friends!!

So my husband and I are commited to paying off our (mostly mine) $54,000 of debt in 1 and a half years. Eww that was icky to write. . . That includes our car, student loans, credit debt and other miscilanious things. So far so good! We have been doing so well, but it does mean we had to start budgeting A LOT. One area happens to be food. No more eating out. No more pre-made ANYTHING. If we want it and it is outside the budget I have developed a few tips that do not make me feel deprived so I can still enjoy my favorite foods. For the next few blogs I will share them with you bloggy friends! :)

A few weeks ago I invaded my dear friend Karla's fridge and pantry. She asked for my help in meal planning. She is an amazing fashionista and life styleist! She helps me shop and I help her with food. It's like a private Rachel Zoe. Check out her blog!! Anyyways. . . We developed an awesome menu for the week that even included Elk! (Dad went hunting) So here are four of the tips I shared with her below.

1. A whole chicken can make three meals for two people. Cut up into eight pieces. Use Breasts cubed into pastas, or sauteed with sauces. Wings, legs, and thighs are best roasted with a little seasoning. Add a small amount of water to the bottom of a pan drizzle pieces with olive oil and roast with a foil tent at 400 degrees. The high heat seals in the mositure and gives a crispy skin to the chicken. And the bones will be used for a stock! Yay for three in one.

2. Cooked rice is always saved and used twiced. White or brown rice cooked can be eaten plain and then used later. Mix left overs with herbs, spices, or even into fried rice. Just remember to include it into at least two meals that week.

3. Frozen vegis are better than no vegis!

4. Stews freeze so well. Make a big batch and portion.

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  1. mmm that makes me hungry just reading about it.


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