Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Let's Talk Portions. . .

So with the new budget kick portions have become really important. Time for a math lesson ladies and gentlemen!!

16 ounces are in a pound. . . 8 ounces is the average meat portion size which means two servings per pound. Get it? Got it? Good! With this mindset, grocery store shopping has gone to a whole notha' level. I have become the biggest nerd and now bring a calculator with me because I want the most for my money. Take for instance this pork serloin I bought on Sunday:

$10.53 for 5.57 lbs. That comes out to 11.14 servings of meat. (see math above) This means that each serving ($10.53/11.14) costs $.94. 11 servings for under a dollar. Heck yes. I understand that it takes a little effort but it is so worth it! I am making three meals with this. Buying in bulk and vacum sealing for the freezer is the way to go.

Last night we had roast pork with sweet potatoes, carrots, and potato gratin. Haven't decided what I will do with the rest but at .94 a meal I think I can do quite a bit! I won't be having pork three nights in a row but now I have cheap choices for the future. Happy cooking loves. :)

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