Monday, February 21, 2011

Dresses and Phyloo go so well together!

I am all about versitality. I was asked to be in a wedding a few months ago and the bride and myself got to talking about bridesmaids dresses. She told me she found one she likes that is not only one dress but can be made into 8 other dresses just by how you wrap it. THAT is my kinda dress!

Just like the dress, I love when food can be just as versitile. Phyloo cups are a staple in my life. Savory or sweet they can turn any little app. or dessert into something special. Making them is easy as pie as well! Simply cut sheets into 4"x4" squares. Layer butter in between and place 5-7 squares layered into cupcake tins. bake at 375 till' golden brown.

Below are some ideas for them!

Chocolate Mousse Cups

Crab Salad

Sauteed Mushrooms and Goat Cheese

Shrimp Cups

Get creative today! Happy Monday loves! :)

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