Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Easy Sugar Garnish

For a catering event this past weekend I thought it would be fun do do a sugar garnish for my chocolate cake. They are super easy and fun to do! Here is the final result:

I found this youtube video that teaches how to make spun sugar as well and plan on doing it for another event this weekend. The Glucose part is not necessary if you do not have it. Just keep a close eye on the melting sugar and make sure to use a damp pastry brush along the sides of the pan to keep from crystalizing.

If you want to do flat garnishes like mine, simply drizzle your melted sugar onto a silpat. Once cooled, carefully remove it and place on your cake. Happy baking!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Topsy Turvy Time

I hate baking. Like a lot. It takes everything I don't have ie: patience, attention to fine detail, and precision. Which is why this year I will accept every offer to bake a cake I get. I don't typically do resolutions but I figure if I can create something lovely, and hone these qualities I don't have but want, it only makes for better all around! This was for a job last weekend.

It was a One year old and sixty year old's birthday party. The theme was Candyland. I have only done one other topsy turvy before. This youtube video was a God send if you want to try to make one. I cannot embed it but click the link and give it a try. It's really fun! :) Good Luck with your resolutions this year!
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