Monday, February 14, 2011

In case of an emergency. . .

Recently a friend randomly asked me this question: "Lydia, are you prepared in case of an emergency?" I was kind of taken aback by the randomness of this converstion, yet it got me thinking. I'd be in a pretty tight spot if an earthquake, storm, tornado, or sasquatch (you never know) hit. If any of these occurances happened I would have to survive on last Thanksgiving's canned pumpkin puree and pickled cabbage. Not okay. So this weekend I made a CEN (Culinary Emergency Necessities) list. These are just a few that make me a little more at ease if a bigfoot warning strikes, or any other catastrophe.... :)

1. Dried meats (beef jerkey and beef sticks)

2. Water (Large bottles)

3. Nuts

4. Dried fruits ( apricots, cranberries, apple chips, bannana chips)

5. Canned tuna, beans, chilis, vegitables, fruits (Don't forget your can opener)

6. Multi-Vitamins

7. Large water- resistant containers

8. A bottle of your fav. champagne. (Okay this may not be a necessity to you but if the world is ending i'm doing it in style :)

9. propane stove ( I have three of these. They really do come in handy! Take them to the beach, camping, or save for Yetti attacks)

10. Crackers (Bread will get stale)

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