Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Chef's Smoking gun

Oh the things I would do with this! Okay now I have a confession. . . I have a sliiight obsession with new cooking gadgets. Since I'm laying out out on the table I will tell you that I have a larger obsession with fire. And smoke leads to fire which means this gun is PERFECT for me! Polyscience offers The Smoking hand held food smoker for $99.95. The gun helps to add a smokey flavor to food items that would not necessarily be able to handle a high temperature of heat, or just need a hint of smokey goodness. Examples:
Smoked butter
Smoked Ice Cream
Smoked raw oysters

It comes with many flavors such as Cherry-wood, hickory, apple-wood, and mesquite. Watch the video below to learn more! :)

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