Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Weird Global Food trends for 2011

From what I have noticed it typically takes about a year and a half for international food trends to get mainstream in the states. Some of these may be more time (like using ash as a garnish?!) and some less. So here I give to you some of the Nationals online magazine 2011 food predictions. You can read the rest by clicking the link above. (disclaimer: excuse my messyness! still figuring out lining it all up next to the photos. :)

1. One ingredient restaurants. Places that make sure a main ingredient is in EVERY SINGLE DISH. ie: ketchup, mayo, herring, chicken.

2. Soup pasta (YAY!)

3.New Dairy loaded with healthy bacterias.

4. Neck meat (<---- has anyone had this? how was it?)

5.Restaurant gardens

6. Ash. Yes the burnt stuff! For garnish and flavor. :)

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