Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Scandinavian Eats!!

Long before refrigeration and vacuum sealing, the preservation of food in other countries was done in a much simpler way.
The Scandinavians mastered methods of salt-packing, and smoking perishables for the long dark winters. All though technology is now readily available, these forms of cookery are still alive and well in countries like Sweden, Norway, and Finland.
Pickled herring, and smoked horse meat are common food items. Plant vegetables tend to be scarce, but root vegetables are readily available.
The East Bay is made up of few Scandinavian restaurants, but many stores that provide goodies from the lands of the vikings.
Nordic House of Oakland offers meats, cheeses, candies, Dry goods, and most importantly cookbooks. Not only are they right in the East Bay, but their site offers a full shopping service. Order your items and have them arrive at your home in no time. If you live near Berkeley you are in luck! Nordic House will be moving their current location In April.
Scandinavious's site offers a full directory of all things Scandinavian in the bay area. Retail shops, Coffee hangouts, and even the best place to get caviar.
Mild and rich in their cuisine, Scandinavian food is sure to please even the pickiest of palates!

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