Friday, March 5, 2010

Hungarian Pastries

A sweet pastry is memorable, But a treat with history is unforgettable.

In the late 1600's the Ottoman empire was at the height of it's reign. As the wars continued Hungary was slowly being Vanquished. One morning a few Hungarian bakers arose to begin their daily work. Their early rise helped to warn the local villagers of an impending attack and claim one small victory over the Turks. In celebration, what is now know as 'Kifli' was created. Shaped like a Crescent, or the Turkish symbol, These small morsels were filled with an apricot compote in remembrance of that day. Regardless if the legend is true or not, one thing is for certain. Kifli has stood the test of time for a reason.

A handful of lovely Eastern European bakeries reside in the East Bay. Crixa cakes of Berkley not only offers a few different Kiflis but many Russian Delicacies as well. Crixia's Facebook Deal isn't to shabby either! Become one of their friends on Facebook, and every Wednesday you will receive a special word that gets you a nice discount from their Berkeley shop.

City Of Delights in San Ramon has quite the Eastern European Flare as well. Chef Atilla's Hungarian background and Chef Lynn's Asian heritage offer a unique blend of beautiful and flavorful desserts.

hand-crafted, and rich with stories, our own East bay bakeries continue the tradition of reflecting on the past to sweeten the future.

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