Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Turkish Cup Of Joe

Finding a cup of great coffee in the East Bay is for the most part an easy task. Finding a fabulous cup of Turkish coffee might be a little more time consuming but worth the undertaking.

For the Turkish people coffee has been an established part of their culture since 1555. It was in that year that Syrian traders brought the first coffee beans to Istanbul. Beans were eaten whole at first. It was not until much later that a drink was made with the fermented pulp of the beans. As the recipes became more developed so did Turkish rituals and ceremonies. Soon coffee makers (or "Kahveciusta") and their forty assistants were depended upon by Sultans to serve a proper brew. As Coffee became more socially acceptable men began using it as their assessment for a quality wife. Women were trained at an early age to prepare Turkish coffee. If she wasn't able to do so, she risked her dowry.

Turkish coffee has become less ritualistic and places like Barneys in Berkeley have put their own spin on this Turkish delight. The very popular Turkish Shake is tasty and is sure to give you the buzz you need.

The Turkish Kitchen of Berkeley offers a much more traditional approach to the drink. At $2.25 you can dicover just how this drink should taste. The Turkish Kitchen's menu is "recession proof" as well! Just about everything is under $10.00, making it an affordable and exotic night out.

For as step by step on making this treat at home, Ineedcoffee.com gives a great tutorial.

Whether you make it at home, or venture out Turkish coffee is sure to leave a lasting impression on your tastebuds.

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