Friday, March 12, 2010

A New Era in Peruvian Cuisine

Few meals can boast ancient influence, a diverse culture, and the open embrace of foreign cookery. Peruvian cuisine does just that.
Peru has long been known for its colorful flavors and the borrowing of other countries culinary flare. All though some dishes remain firmly their own, most have been revamped with a new spin.

Throughout the nineteenth century Peru was an immigrant haven. Arabs, French, Italian, and the British flooded this South American country. Rather than shun the new arriving cultures and recipes, Peruvians adapted to them. Inca tribal food and French Basque were brought together creating what exemplifies fusion.

Boconova of Jack London Square depicts this custom in perfect form. Chef Rick Hackett, and his Peruvian Sous Chef fuel the creative menu that is sure to surprise the palate. Boconova's mostly Latin staff brings flavors from their homeland straight to your table. Chef Rick's Classical French training is visible as well in each dish. Menu items include Sea Bass Ceviche, Organic Black Bean Soup, Enyucados, and Yucatan seafood stew.

Boconova also allows local artists to show their own creativity right in their dining room. Continual displays are changed out for your viewing pleasure.

As Peru embraces other cultures it's only fitting that you try theirs, and Boconva isn't to far of a travel to do it.

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