Friday, June 11, 2010

Cheap Meat

Scrolling down a menu a carnivore like myself is more likely to lean towards a fine fillet than something made from pork butt. "Cheap" cuts of meat tend to be pushed towards the back burner, but more so than ever they can also pack a huge amount of flavor. That is if you have all day. . . . I never said there wasn't a catch! ;) Braising at low temperatures or busting out your crockpot can do wonders for just about any "undesirable" butcher's leftovers. Get Creative! Use some of the following items as braising liquids.

Beef stock
Chicken stock
Red Wine
Dr. Pepper (sooooooo good with pork!)
Coca Cola
Water and herbs
Fish stock
BBQ Sauce

Place in your dutch oven or crock with your choice of meat and voila! For busy people such as myself prepping it in the morning right before you leave for work makes for a great surprise when you get home. :)

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