Thursday, April 30, 2009

sad meal. SAD.

I'm not one to use my blog to vent. But tonight is deserving. My lovely friend Karla aka Koko and I had a fabulous adventure today. The day started wonderful with the two of us sneaking into the San Francisco Jewelry mart and making some pretty fabulous purchases. On our way out, we decided to stop at a fabric shop in Berkley, but first we would eat. I see this Thai place that looked pretty modern and attractive from the outside, ask Karla if she wanted Thai, and she agreed. I had not had Pad Thai in sooooo long, so I was super excited to have it. I was super disappointed. It was hands down the worst pad Thai I've ever had! It tasted like straight fish sauce! Lucky for me Karla ordered Curry, which was good. But now that I'm home and thinking about the meal, I realize how sad I was about my Pad Thai. Don't you HATE when a meal expectation isn't even slightly met? It got me to thinking, what's the worst dining experience you have ever had??! Tell below in comments! This wasn't AT ALL my worst. Just unsatisfying. :(

1 comment:

  1. HE HE I agree...That was bad. : ( BUT the company was better!!


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