Wednesday, April 22, 2009

soup in a snap!

For whatever reason, my husband and I got into this weird debate about how he hates tomatoes but loves tomato soup, marinara sauce, pizza. . . . . You get the point. I thought it was weird. So of course like most times I talk about a food it gets me hungry! Tomato soup and a hot grilled cheese has to be a favorite pastime of mine. Not really fond of straight out of the can, so I have gotten a little creative with ways to make it fast and easy. Whenever I make a tomato based sauce for pasta, I always freeze some for later. When that tomato soup craving arrives, I pop it out and get crazy. With about 4 cups of sauce I bring it to a simmer. I add 2-3 cups of chicken stock. Season well. I then place my concotion in the blender and VOILA! Tomato soup in a snap. If you are one to cut corners, a jar of tomato sauce or some from a local restaurant will do. Enjoy friends! :)

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