Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pizza inperation!

First of all, sorry for the lack of blogging the past few days, I am still arranging photos from our wonderful cooking class on Monday night. Blog to come! My lovely students did a wonderful job, and all in all it was a lot of fun! OK, so today's topic: Pizza. I got the oddest craving for it last night. Like STRONG craving. First thing my Husband asked me when I told him I wanted Pizza was "are you PREGNANT?!" The answer to that is no. At least not yet. . . . Anyways back to food! When any craving of mine is fulfilled it makes the food all the better. We did a pick up last night, but when making your own Trader Joe's offers great dough. For $.99 fresh dough, plain or herbed, is at your fingertips. One day, I had a client in the middle of a party tell me that her five year old wanted to know if I could make her a pizza. I loooove a good challenge, so I asked her If I could run to get the dough. She said yes, and when I came back I fired up the grill and that kindergartner got the best peperoni pizza she's ever going to have. (Hey, it was some running around for me, so I'm gonna give my self two pats on the back for it!) Get creative with it! As long as your grill is hot enough, the dough won't stick I promise. If you prefer the traditional method of baking a pizza that's swell too. I love making a breakfast pizza. Take your dough, roll it out, season with oil, white cheese and ham. cook halfway and right before the crust browns (the funnest part of all!) crack an egg on top. place back in the oven until the egg as finished cooking. Sound crazy, but tastes amazing and looks even more. So get cooking, and for your viewing pleasure: below is the future of the pizza box! Yay for helping the envornment in such a simple way! :)

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