Thursday, April 16, 2009

Snobby Popcorn and a movie! YUM!

I looooooooove popcorn. I am going to go ahead and be a snob and let you know that you will never see pre-packaged popcorn in our home. I'm slightly obsessed with the fresh kernels. Another snobby like of mine is Truffle Oil. But not just any Truffle oil. . . . The one with the higher truffle oil ratio to olive oil is my personal preference. For those that are really lost right now as to what a truffle is I will explain. A Truffle is all things perfect in a fungus. Sounds gross but if you tasted you would understand. These rare mushrooms are found deep in the ground and grow beneath the earth. The traditional method of finding these little morsels of joy is with a pig. Yup a pig. For whatever reason pigs are able to smell truffles better than most other animals and humans. My reasons for explaning both Truffles in my popcorn blog is their fabulous combination. Just a small drizzle pumps up this otherwise simple snack. Okay, let's go even more over the top. A glass of champagne. I have let you into my guilty indulgences so what are yours?! Tell me below in comments!!

1 comment:

  1. Yum YUm Yummy

    so when is movie night!!! AAAlright ; )


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