Saturday, April 11, 2009

~Springy garnishes~

So after my stint at the Ritz Carlton, one of my favorite cooking tips was the use of the edible flower. Nothing is more beautiful than the garnish of a few petals. It's amazing what it can do to a plate! It's also amazing that flowers are edible. I say that because not many people are aware of this fact. This site offers a full list of beautiful flowers that are safe to eat. My personal favorite is the pansy. It's peppery flavor adds a fantastic dimension to meat dishes, as well as flowers. Being that it is the time of the season to plant, I encourage you to do just that! Get one or two of these great flowers and you will have garnish and flavor year around! If you are not the best cake decorator in the world, a plain white buttercream decorated with flowers makes a masterpiece in seconds. So enjoy your newfound floral friend. :)

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