Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Junk food and Wine Pairing

I do not like Junk food. Not a fan since a propaganda movie I had watch at Culinary school on the secrets of McDonald's. Who knows if it was truthful at all but it did enough in my mind to avoid it completely. I don't mind making my own "Junk" at home though!

I took a three week wine course and my favorite day was the section on "unlikely pairings". The list below works. I would have to say my favorite combination is Potato chips and a super dry champagne. But I am bias towards champagne anyways. ;) Take a look and try something a little different this evening. More ideas can be found at one of my top 10 sites House and Home.

•Potato chips or fried chicken and Champagne

•Popcorn and Chilean chardonnay

•Nachos and California zinfandel

•Pizza and Italian chianti

•Burgers and Australian shiraz

•Canned brown beans and tawny port

•Fish and chips with German riesling

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  1. This is a great list!! Thank you for sharing... = ) I will totally use this.


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