Wednesday, February 18, 2009

viva la recession!

So like most people, I am really having fun in this recession.  No really I am! I am typically not one to back down from a challenge. Let alone a culinary one.  Being that I don't really have much selection in my grocery shopping any more due to the lack of dollars in my bank account, I have decided to embrace my economy and have fun with it! Low and behold, my food actually tastes just as great as it did before. Here are a few tips to help your pinch. 

*Farmers markets are typically the freshest and least expensive place to find produce. So quit those huge one stop shops and embrace your local purveyors. With the money you save, by a big bouquet of golden sunflowers for your bedside. Look! you just saved money, made better meals, and have a little greenery to brighten your mornings for at least a week.

* Coupon it up! This clickable site offers great national coupons, shows your grocery stores weekly specials,  and offers the best online deals.  I figured out a way to get my husband's favorite $5.99 "designer" orange juice for just $.99. It's worth at least a look.

*Don't hate on canned goods. I know you foodies out there are squirming at the thought, but my friends desperate times call for desperate measures and I have no shame. Canned  black beans, tomatoes, and corn, last a lot longer than most fresh goods. So although straight from the ground might taste better, 10 for $10 sounds a little better. 

So go ahead and throw yourself a fab dinner party. I mean, you have the money to do it now right?


  1. I love this post girlfriend!!! I miss you!

  2. your "clickable sit" is un clickable:(

    I am definitely wanting to find some coupons since I spend so much $$$ in food!

  3. I fixed if for you! sorry bout' that!


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