Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I dunno about this one. . . .

Visiting my Husband's Grandmother in Napa is always quite the experience. I have never met anyone with such a great sense of humor as well as someone who is always on the "cutting edge" (no pun intended) on new kitchen gadgets. You name it, this woman has got it. From electronic wine openers to the perfect garlic peeler.  One thing, however,  in her treasure trove will always confuse me on whether it is funny, creative, or downright weird. So tell me below in comments! What do you think of the voodoo knife holder?


  1. LOL! sorry Trevor grandma is weird! ummm if I walked in her house and saw that hmmmmm

    first thought does she like mexicans?
    Where is the nearest exit?

    I thought grandmas knit and make hot coco and smile and hug and cook???

  2. ps. DOn't tell your grandma where i live....thanks guys!

  3. I love this Grandma Pat....She is the best!! Main Thing...is you know she loves you!!

  4. Oh, my hubby is so into this stuff for years in the beginning of our relationship! I am glad now he realizes its all in storage, and I only keep what I need out since our move...


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