Sunday, February 15, 2009

Liquid love <3

With Valentine's day behind us, I began to reflect on what exactly I love.  So I compiled a mental list of things I knew I could not live without. Of course there was the obvious such as family and friends, but what about the items that make each day more "lovable".  Thus my blog about coffee.
Now I am faaaaarrrrrr from a morning person.  So naturally a legal stimulant is a fabulous excuse to become one right?  Caffine used to be the only reason  that I would partake in my daily cup of Joe. But, as I became more aware of the sweat and toil that goes into creating a great bean, that quickly changed. 
 We have so many options now, but this past month I was introduced to (forgive me for being so cliche) Starbucks casi cielo.  Wow wow and wow.  The name means almost heaven and it holds truth.  The bean was first roasted exclusively for only the finest restaurants in the world, but is now available for your pleasure.  
I hope this blog encourages you to sit back relax and take part in a bit of liquid love today! 


  1. i love it!! great job. cant wait to read more.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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