Thursday, February 18, 2010

"You don't know how good you have it!"

Time to get semi-sentimental. . . . . At work today I had the lovely opportunity of talking to two women with a lot of history. One 71 years old and the other 72, both grew up on farms. One in Kansas and One in Texas. Although they lived states apart the similarities of their livelihoods were amazing. Almost in unison they exclaimed to me "you don't know how good you have it!" After our talk I realized just how good I really do have it. In their young lives if you wanted butter you churned it. If you wanted milk you milked it. If you desired fried chicken for dinner. . . well you get my drift! I loved hearing stories of homemade bread only on Saturdays, and the joys of getting to help mom wring the laundry. One of the ladies was however a bit taken aback from my reaction to her stories. Shocked in fact! I said I was jealous. That's right, I'm jealous of what she assumed as mediocrity. Although I realized I do have it pretty good with the luxury of a baker right down the street, How much more do we appreciate food that we have made ourselves. The act of knowing WE completed the process. It feels better, tastes better, and betters others when we share what we have done. With this I encourage you to take the time to make something yourself today. Don't ask for help, and then share it. You will be left with much more than you expected, I promise. :)

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