Thursday, January 7, 2010

It's leeking!! (bad pun I do apologize. . . ok not really! :)

For the most part I am aware of what is seasonal and what is not. But let's be honest, we are not all farmers. I know that spring brings peas, summer brings watermelon, fall brings sweet potatoes, and winter brings fudge.... I mean pears. Today I bring you the lesser known items of the boring month of January. I say boring because there are no fun holidays in January. Accept new years eve and day. . . okay, time to stop rambling. Most seasonal fruits and vegetables are purchased from local farmers due to proximity, price, and quality. Lemme break it down for you. . . .
1. Proximity: When foods are grown seasonally, markets prefer to purchase them locally because it costs them less for they don't have to transport as far.
2. Price: Seasonal foods are typically cheaper, due to their abundance.
3. Quality: It's seasonal! Which by definition means its produced according to when it should be. Therefore it's flavor will be at optimum levels.

As you go down the fresh food isle at your local supermarket, think of dishes to make with this list. I GUARANTEE it will taste better than usual because these foods are actually in season. Happy hunting friends!

Leeks! (get it?! leeking?!)
Brussel sprouts
Celery root
Chinese Cabbage
Wild Mushrooms
Fennel (not a fan. . . just thought I'd share. )

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